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Sorry that the website hasn't been very up-to-date with information lately.  As for right now, I'm making the site "information only" and will not be updating calls.  If and when I can, I will post information on department news and fund raisers.

Thank you,
Michael Pyle
Captain, Keystone Fire Company


Department News


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Uniontown Fire Department
2010 Run Stats

Fires - 173

Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (no fire) - 4

Rescue & Emergency Medical Service Incident - 212

Hazardous Condition (No Fire) - 89

Service Call - 79

Good Intent Call - 36

False Alarm & False Call - 135

Severe Weather & Natural Disaster - 22

Special Incident Type - 18

TOTAL RUNS FOR 2010 - 768 


About Us

The Uniontown Fire Department serves the City of Uniontown which covers an area of approximately 2.5sq miles with a population of 12,034 people.

We are staffed by both career and volunteer firefighters. IAFF Local 955 comprises of 13 members, a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Captain, Lieutenant and 9 Firefighter/Engineers who staff and drive our units to the scene. Operating out of 2 stations the UFD runs 6 front line apparatus as well as 1 reserve engine.

Central station, located on Beeson Blvd., houses Engines 1 and 4, Truck 40, Rescue 40, and Squad 40, as well as 2 medic units of the Uniontown Firemans Ambulance Corps. Central also is where the chief's and the Ambulance Corps offices are located.

East End Station, on Connellsville Street, has Engine 3 and 40 Truck 2, and is manned by one Firefighter/Engineer who drives Engine 3.

The Uniontown Fire Department is made up of IAFF Local 955 and three volunteer companies; Keystone Fire Co., Chief Williams Hook & Ladder, and Union Hose .

Volunteers respond in thier personal vehicles on calls, or they can go to the station and respond with Rescue 40 or Squad 40.

Currently we have approxametly 120 life and active members.

We also have 18 full time Paramedics and EMT's of the Uniontown Firemans Ambulance Corps staffing three ALS medic units out of two stations.

The Uniontown Fire Department is dispatched by Fayette County 911 over 155.190 Mhz also using an 800 Mhz Band for dispatch simulcast and fire ground operations.

Fayette County, Station 40

84 North Beeson Blvd.
Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401

(724) 438-6900

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Uniontown Fire Department is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the City of Uniontown from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions man-made or natural.


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Uniontown Fire Department Web Team
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The Officers and Members of the Uniontown Fire Department 

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