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This is some of the equipment that we use on fire calls and auto extrications.

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Turnout Gear

Each firefighter is issued a full set of turnout gear: Traditional Style Helmet, Turnout Coat, Turnout Pants with either rubber or leather fire boots, Flash-hood, Firefighting gloves.  Members are currently issued Morning Pride Tails turnouts but we have several sets of Janesville and Globe Cairns gear as well. The Cairns 880 helmet is the current issue helmet but, we still use the Cairns 1010.  Some firefighters have purchased Cairns N5A or N6A Leather helmets and use those instead of the 880's or the 1010's.  If a firefighter purchases thier own gear it must meet or exceed the departments specifications and be approved by the Fire Chief.  Handlights and Portable 800Mhz radios are available to firefighters on each apparatus.  Each piece of breathing apparatus now has a handlight and a radio.

Breathing Apparatus

The SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) that we use is the MSA Firehawk Mask Mounted Regulator(MMR) on a Black Rhino carrier and harness with a Stealth air cylinder. These SCBA hold approximately 30 minuites of breathing air. We also have integrated PASS (Personal Alert Safety System) alarms on all of or SCBA. PASS alarms help us to locate downed or injured firefighters.


Hurst Tools, "Jaws of Life"

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"Tools of the Trade"

Here are some of the types of tools and equipment that we have. 

  1. MSA Evolution 5000 Thermal Imaging Camera
  2. The "Irons",  Flat Head Axe and a Haligan Bar
  3. Shovel
  4. Trash Hool
  5. Multi-Tool,  "NY Roof Hook"
  6. Flat Head Axe
  7. Windshield Wrench
  8. Pick Head Axe
  9. Various Tools used for Forceable Entry
  10. Haligan Bar
  11. Bullard MX Thermal Imaging Camera
  12. Smoke Ejector Fan
  13. Positive Pressure Ventalation Fan
  14. Extension Cord for the Smoke Ejector
  15. 2 1/2" Pre Connected Step Gun
  16. Pressurized Water Extingusher
  17. Foam Extingusher