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Over 200 years of service to the residents of the City of Uniontown

This Page is still under construction.  This is just a little bit about the department.  Keep checking back for more.


The earliest record of a fire department in Uniontown goes back to January 28, 1802.  According to an article from the "Daily News Standard", now the Herald Standard, in 1901, minutes from a Fayette County commisioners meeting shows a discussion about purchasing a fire engine for the town.  On September 17, 1802 a pumper was purchased from Philadelphia, PA. for one hunderd dollars.  It also came with a bucket cart and hose cart.  The pumper "was double action force pump with no suction and required from 14 to 20 men to manipulate it". 

This only the begining of the history page...more to come.

Gamewell Street Box System

You may have noticed that on each call listed here, you see, "Box ##" in the top line of the article.  I did this to try and bring back a little piece of history from the department. For years the city had street boxes on nearly every street corner. When Fayette County 9-1-1 went in to service, the street boxes were no longer used.  After many years of service the old Gamewell gong still rings in the station as our base radio is activated by 9-1-1.  The board that has all of the boxes listed on it now hangs in the apparatus bay of Central Station.  Several of the boxes listed were called "Phantom Box" since a street box either did not exist at the location, there was a weather emergency or the call was out of town.  The first seven boxes listed in the board, are the "Phantom Boxes", with the exception of Box 451 which did exist on the Delaware Ave side of the Hospital.  Again, if any member has an idea for this section, please get in touch with me.  Thanks.

This page will have some information about some of the long history of the department and some old pictures.  If any member has ideas for this page just email me or see me at the station.

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